National Stage Combat Workshops

SAFD Fight Directing Workshop

The Fight Directing Workshop is a multi-week intensive where participants will be mentored and evaluated in the art of choreographing violence. Ideal candidates will have extensive experience in choreographing violence as part of a full production team. The workshop will consist of multiple choreography assignments of varying sizes and complexities, operating in tandem with the students from the Acting a Fight workshop. Successful completion of the FDW will qualify candidates for the rank of Associate Fight Director with the Society of American Fight Directors.
Applying for the Fight Directing Workshop

Lead Instructors: FM Robb Hunter, FD Emeritus Michael Jerome Johnson
Thursday, June 13 - Saturday, June 29
Tuition: $2600
Estimated Housing cost for FDW: $900

FDW applications due Saturday, March 9th 11:59PM Central Time.
Decisions will be made by March 15
Positions must be accept by April 1, 2024.

Application Instructions in PDF Form

SAFD Acting a Fight Workshop

The Acting a Fight Workshop is a 13-day training opportunity designed to offer stage combat actors tools to elevate their acting performance in scenes with heightened physical engagement (from the savage to the slapstick). Students take classes focused on performance and then practice these skills through a fight rehearsal process choreographed by Fight Directing Workshop candidates. Open to performers of all stage combat skill levels.
Applying for the Acting A Fight Workshop

Lead Instructors: FD Emeritus Colleen Kelly and CT Marianne Kubik, University of Virginia MFA Professional Actor Training Program directors
Sunday, June 16 - Saturday, June 29
Tuition: $1500
Estimated Housing cost for AFW: $750

AFW applications are reviewed in an ongoing manner.
Applications after May 1st may be responsible for registration costs in full up front.

Application Instructions in PDF Form